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Therefore, when you ask them a question you either receive a grunt or a one-word answer this is also true for people with Taurus Moon. When they do talk, they often speak in poetry as they describe the outer world or they might just tell us to go hug a tree. They are tactile learners and again rely on their senses for collecting evidence to tell them what is true or false.

Mercury in Taurus Communication and Learning Style

They're slow-moving bulls, but this doesn't mean they're slow learners. Some children with Mercury in Taurus start talking later than other children, but don't worry, they will catch up. Mercury in Gemini-- Often these folks learn quickly, talk in a rapid, sometimes rabid fashion, and collect information like some people collect gadgets.

The internet was made for Mercury in Gemini folks since they have the power of knowledge at their finger tips. They type fast too. They do everything quickly and when others can't keep up, they bore easily. Similar to Mercury in Aries, they butt in while you're talking to them, especially if they don't like the direction the conversation is heading.

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They love board games and playing with words or numbers. They want to talk, talk, talk, but they might just talk other people's ears off. These folks are handy too good with their hands and often have attractive hands and arms. The only way to shut them up they might even talk in their sleep is to give them something to do with their hands. Mercury in Cancer-- On the downside, Mercury in Cancer folks are not above using pouting or sulking or even whining to get their way, especially when they are children.

What is a Rising Sign & What Can it Tell Us?

And a lot of how your communication style is determined is based on astrology and your zodiac sign. Signs like Gemini and Sagittarius are highly favored because conversations between the two of them tend to go so well. It’s not that Pisces's are terrible at holding conversations. Mercury Signs: How You Communicate, Learn and Get Things Done Mercury ( along with Venus) also influences your social style, friendships and the people.

They also use crying as a form of communication, but I can assure you the tears are the real deal. Mercury in Cancer feels exposed and vulnerable so a person with this Mercury might feel too shy to speak up or raise their hand to answer a teacher's question. They communicate through feeling and emotion.

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They come alive around the Full Moon, almost exploding with insights and ideas. They also speak from intuition, that is if they have developed their intuitive gift. They offer soothing words to those in need. These folks seem tender and vulnerable to others, but watch out since Cancer is a pushy Cardinal Sign and Cancers were born to lead just as much as their polar opposite, Capricorn. Mercury in Leo-- They don't all require our undivided attention, but these folks shine like a July Sun, sometimes causing glare, at other times they merely sparkle like sunlight on a lake.

They love drama, so get them on a stage or under spotlight, otherwise the situation could get out of hand quickly. Similar to Taurus, they speak a bit slower while absorbing every beautiful word that floats from their golden mouths. They prefer to bath you in their innate wisdom which they generously bestow upon you, a mere peasant. They speak like royalty or presidents. As far as learning goes, they must be the first in their class and they bask in a teacher's affection or adoration.

Mercury in Virgo-- These folks often seem shy, but maybe they're just lost in analysis as they tackle another problem in their busy minds. These folks are organized and when they're still in grade school, they probably carry around organizers, calculators, and cell phones. If they have a pencil box it's either neat as a pin or sloppy but with everything they could ever need in the box.

They love problem solving and tearing things apart so they can do it better the second or third time. They might seem nit picky, but that's only because they enjoy fixing, perfecting and purifying others. If you're looking for a hard worker, choose Mercury in Virgo who will keep trying until they get it perfect. Mercury in Libra-- These folks sometimes come across as space cadets as they flit from one person to the next or one situation to the next. They love planning weddings, dinner parties, or a child's birthday party and in fact, they represent the party planners in the Zodiac.

They love to look their best and when I think of Mercury in Libra I think of the quintessential Parisian man or woman dressed and coiffed to perfection that we can't tell if they're really human or a store mannequin. The interplay between these primary three signs Sun, Moon, and Rising , known as the primal triad of your natal chart, gives more insight to your personalities, motivations, emotions and perceptions than relying on just your Sun sign alone.

The Rising sign will most definitely influence your immediate, unfiltered reactions to new people, unexpected events, or anything else that surprises us. Depending on the characteristics of each sign, there can be a lot of complex interaction between your Sun and Rising signs that may not always lead to people understanding or truly hearing you when you are attempting to communicate with them.

ARIES (March 21- April 20)

They butt in when someone is speaking, especially if the person bores them or if they just feel like provoking an argument. These natives tend to excel in writing, law, and science. If you've been meaning to reconnect with someone, Mercury retrograde is actually a good time to do it. They type fast too. There are outer planets that are also retrograde, including Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, that find us reconsidering issues in our lives. They sometimes remind me of the character Eyore from Winnie the Pooh , "We'll ne-ver make it.

You may feel you are being clear and genuine in your dealings with those around you, but that filter of your Rising sign could be colouring the way you have been perceived. If there seems to be a consistent pattern of miscommunication in your life, where the people surrounding you always seem to be misinterpreting your intentions and expression, perhaps delve a little deeper into the world of your Rising sign; this filter through which the world sees you can have a dramatic effect on the way you are perceived, and you may not even realize the untapped potential of creating a more authentic, honest self by exploring it.

Test Now! Together with the sun sign and moon sign the Mercury Sign might you in knowing yourself.

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For the Romans, Mercury was the God of speed and the messenger of the gods. In the school of astrology Mercury represents the capacity to think, brightness, the ability to deal with others and the talent for thinking quickly on your feet.

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The Zodiac Communication Sign will indicate how you think in different situations and defines your decision-making skills. By communication we do not mean only speaking, but additionally writing, learning and the utilization of all kinds of media. Zodiac Communication Sign Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Your email address will not be published.

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