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I want to know how the others deal with it. How they can be super one minute and whatever else they are the next. They seem excited, but it sounds really boring to me. Mask off, time to go home, mission accomplished. Does being pretty good at gymnastics, stronger than everyone in your grade, and not as afraid of guns as you used to be count as superhuman powers?

I can set up an experiment to find this out.

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I can do most things I see done, so maybe my teammates powers are another thing I can fake my way through. Here are the results. I managed to hide in the team base kitchen above the cabinets for a long time and nobody saw me. Conclusion: I do have stealth superpowers. But super strong and can take a punch?

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Yeah, I can do that. Conclusion: I have these super powers. I like watching Gwen use her sword. Not as much blocky and flourishy and a lot more broad powerful gestures. I tried it out in the training room and I think it looked pretty good. Right up until I tried the thing she does where she gets the sword to fly to her. Maybe it has to be the right sword because I did it perfectly, just like she does, and nothing happened. I was using a broom handle, though, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Conclusion: Inconclusive. Definitely a no on the flight thing, though. I squatted and squatted and I did not create any portals. I followed her around the team base for hours again, I definitely have stealth powers and touched everything that she touched. Bummer, those would be cool powers to have. I don't think Riley has superpowers, but I tried skating again and I've totally still got it. Plus she's pretty good with spray paint, but I tried it out for myself and it wasn't bad at all.

Sorry about your wall. Oh geez. I am pretty limber but my body does NOT bend that way. This is definitely not one of my powers. I guess that soldier powers are running, jumping, and shooting guns, that kinda thing. Anyway, I may not have really gotten the whole laser tag thing down because they kicked me out for climbing on the obstacles, but I mimicked everything Sherman did and I think I looked pretty cool. I can handle these powers. Eww, more guns. But I hid behind Tatum so I could try to have a go when he got up, but he never left.

Will investigate later. Wild Thang. Okay, let me be real, I have no idea how Wild Thang does his transformation… thang. And then I went to the pool and thought about dolphins, but…. Okay, yeah, this is stupid. Well, I mean, I might. I wonder what would happen if Freedo or someone turned them off. Would I be any different? I wish I could be like Redstreak. I want to be able to do everything. Some days it feels like I already do everything—4. That was at least a little bit real.

We woke up back at base and everything was back to normal, so unless I slept for 60 years I wish. School has been kicking my butt lately! Crisp tried to shoot us. Plus I threatened to bludgeon him with an ice cream scoop. Is that… is anyone else going to remember that? Does he remember that? Sock hopping with Rescue , playing Scooby Doo with Search, chasing around little green men, it was all a lot of good fun.

I feel the need to make a redaction, journal.

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Last time I wrote about how I wish I had powers. Rescue nearly blasted himself over the top of that movie screen trying to fly. And Dominik apparently has a freaking dragon living inside of him?! That was probably just part of the fantasy world, though, right? Maybe I can audit a night class at the community college? Forensic science? Computer systems? Do they have classes in hostage negotiation?

Who am I kidding, where would I find the time? Even if they probably were fuckers. I aimed low. Although, for all I know, that might be where their vital organs are because, you know, aliens. Is it possible that I was the only one who experienced this? But something real just happened to all of us. But why not believe? This is Halcyon City, the most fantastical place on Earth.

You might close your eyes and wake up in an alternate universe. And I want to say this whole ordeal meant nothing. I want to just go back to trusting Cyclone even though I now have pretty clear memories of him shooting at us. I want to not be terrified that my teammates are going to trip out or turn into monsters whenever they take a big hit. I kept the skirt. A lot squeamish. Is that part of her powers to take on the properties of things she touches?

They were there again doing whatever messed up thing they were going to do with those crystals and those body parts. No part of me wants to know what that monster was planning. It did mean throwing a homeless kid. I tried to kick them like a kilogramme of feathers instead of a kilogramme of steel, though. Rhiannon seemed to have solid control over her powers.

In fact the whole team seemed to have pretty good control today. Gwen and Jake did their special thing. Gwen and Parrot did their special thing. I need to get better at letting myself be part of this team. I need to think along with them, not just about proving myself. I missed a play rehearsal and was late to a scouting meeting just so I could save the world city whatever today. Silencio is taken care of. Parrot stabbed him once and then Elle stabbed him right into the gosh danged ground.

The blessing and the curse of Halcyon is that we have wonderful services and charities for dealing with people who have had horrible things happen to them, though. Cultures are an interesting thing. So, a Dia de los Muertos festival was not really where I expected to see him.

But maybe death expands your culture a little bit beyond things like nationality and race. I wanted to take my mask off so that he could see me. We got Mr. Crisp a lot of cool stuff for his birthday tomorrow. I really am grateful for what he gives us the opportunity to do. Everyone has a culture. Even white girls from the suburbs. Halloween is a part of our culture I mean, it's a part of a lot of people's cultures, I'm not claiming it or anything. Camping is a good way to leave your worries behind for a while. To unplug from constant notifications and forget about that Advanced Modern European History test coming up next week.

It would have been nice to sleep under the stars, miles away from swim practice or the print shop, but the cabin was nice too. But most importantly the cabin is where we found Trevor. Everyone chased him around at first, but I could tell that he was a good boy.

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Then again, I thought the same thing about Pot and he turned out to be a fucker. Elle and Gwen decided that he hunts vampires or something, which seems farfetched to me, but certainly not impossible. Fishing is not the sport for me. Maybe noodling would be a fun challenge, but just throwing a hook into the water and sitting around sounds like torture to me. Plus Freedo kept on giving poor Elle a hard time for being confused about fish and making her fish with a peanut. Elle has been through a lot since she came through that mirror or whatever, and we should help introduce her to new things, not bully her!

It was a little funny, though. Still, I was looking for an excuse to get off the boat when Hesperus dropped those binoculars. The campfire was nice. I really liked these patches that Gwen made for us. I swear, Freedo can be such a fucking Gremlin sometimes. So at that point I was afraid that we were going to burn the entire forest down, but apparently someone else kicked out the fire and threw a rock at us. Crisp left and the power went out.

I swear, every time I go somewhere with Mr. Crisp and the team he just drops us off and peaces out. So we split up the house and searched. Alright, journal, here we go. I feel badly for the guy. I really hope that Cyclone and the team can help him! We should welcome him. That said…. He seems cool, but this also seems like a good way to get creeps in your midst. As soon as I see a person with a gun or a sword or whatever that thing Sherman has been using is, my first thought is that no one is safe until that thing gets put down.

I hope that we can help him because GREY has done a lot of terrible things to too many of my new friends. Freedo really seemed to open up to him which surprised me. I kinda hoped to spend the night doing girl stuff with the other girls, but Elle and Gwen seemed to want to be together. I get that. Everyone else on the team has. I feel the mask more on nights like this than other nights.

So maybe it is easy to bond with some teammates. My father has always been really interested in Johannes Kepler. Not space or astronomy, just Kepler. I can kind of see where they are coming from. I read one of the books and he lived a very interesting, complicated life. His mother was executed for alleged witchcraft because of religious persecution. But I like Kepler. So, to the Muse concert.

I mean, Muse is a pretty big deal! I have that history test on Tuesday and I still went. Plus I have to work all day at Legitimate tomorrow—everyone else has some sort of weird emergency training session that they need to go to? I have no idea how we got Sherman to come with us, though. There was something off about their performance all night. Sherman wanted to disperse the crowd by firing shots off into the air. So I did what I did best—parkour and flips—and worked my way up to the stage.

And then I did what I do worst, apparently, which is command people to do things. I swear, every time I tell a soccer teammate to pass, they shoot. Every time I tell a bad guy to spill the beans on their plan, they ignore me. Every time I tell the team that we should chain up the demon bloodsword in a chest and let it sink to the bottom of the lake, we take it back to the base with us.

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And when I tell a group of people to calmly leave the concert area before they get crushed by the moon, they all trample Sherman. I may need to reconfigure the mask because it seems to be distorting my speech. And then this giant moon ball crashes to the ground and suddenly Muse turns into a gosh danged Jack O Lantern and is obsessed with it.

Then the freaking alien in the devil mask showed up. It was Freedo who got in one of the better tackles tonight while I let the alien jerk slip right past me. Overshadowed by Freedo when it comes to something athletic. And then Freedo did this really weird thing where he made a whole bunch of clones of me. I was a little shocked at first but it was kind of a cool thing to see. Do I need to become scarier? I felt lousy. I mean, I guess between us and the adult heroes who were nearby we kept it so that no one got too badly hurt.

And not because I let down Muse because they can fuck straight off, summoning a meteor into the middle of a damned concert. I apologized to Sherman for bringing him out at all. He was really shaken by something and all of this seemed to trigger it. I know that he can be a bit of a pest sometimes, but no one should feel like that. And he went to bat for Henry the other night, so I figured, you know, might as well….

And like, on the volleyball team we say stuff like that to each other all the time. I became Challenge because I wanted to help people. When that means doing flips or punching dicks or dodging bullets I can do it without fear. I know my body is quick enough to deal with that.

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But when it means just listening to a friend for a little bit I run away. It must have been lonely being an astronomer back then. Always wanting to add on to what has been done in the past, but in the end always discovering more about how tiny and isolated we really are. Insignificantly small and borne through the stars.

This was all my fault. Or from trying to capture Morrigan. To take it back to the beginning, I really wish that Mr. Crisp would stop calling me into his office every time that he needs to talk to us about controlling our powers and preventing collateral damage. But then he gave us the list. Can you imagine what she or her mom, ugh, her mom would say if they knew that I was putting on a costume and doing this? What kind of a hero am I that it comes time to rescue my best friend and I am thinking about myself? I know that Gabbie is better than I make her sound some times.

Friendship is weird. So we tracked them down to Poderosa where we got brought on to a sham of a talk show with Maria Rodriguez Martinez. If we were being smart about it we probably would have realized that this was some sort of a trap but to be honest we were a bit distracted. Distracted by how good Dom looks in a suit. Distracted by the fact that there was obviously something wrong with Rekken.

So we walked right into a trap. Except me.

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I danced right into a trap. I probably looked like an idiot, but if you need a distraction you can always count on Flippy Girl. So I embarrassed myself a little bit, but Morrigan got absolutely ambushed. But, hey, even after al of that, the media circus is going to be entirely about Rescue. Oof, so this whole thing was a disaster. Rhiannon was humiliated and abused, Rescue had his identity outed, Rekken started shooting lasers, and the walls were made of demons. And I feel bad saying it, but… I kinda loved it. I got to save people! I got to save people that I know!

I carried Rekken out like a hero! I want to support him but, like, how? Sorry you got outed, glad that I still have my secret identity? He just had one of the worst things I can imagine happen to him and I still have my precious little double life. What could I ever say to help? Being a hero is about more than helping bodies. I mean, I just saw her kick tail yesterday. She does glamor magic on the regular. She probably could have made me a fake mask without turning my face into a tree or something horrific like that.

And, ugh, how awkward was it that Freedo was there. So what am I supposed to say? The park is theirs as much as it is any of ours and they need it right now. Suffragettes used to burn down unoccupied buildings too. I was surprised when we learned that in history class because people usually only tell you about marches and poetry and Gandhi making a difference.

What is that? Want to know what the future holds? Get a FREE tarot card reading. Give it a day or two! There are two sets of influence, indicating a couple of choices or two different approaches. Emotional matters might require kid gloves, though! Your sense of self discipline will be admirable once you get started, but it is getting started that might be the tricky part!

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The months ahead are likely to start with a tendency towards impulse purchases thanks to a minor blip in your love-life. Singles are likely to try too hard to meet someone special, while those who are attached could find that they need to give their partners a little space. Being stuck in an office without seeing much daylight ugh!! There was nothing holding me there.

The thought of leaving was growing in my head for quite some time. The seed was planted when I discovered my love for Animal Communication and other intuitive work. The day came and I knew it was the right time to go. While I was still working I was taking classes, attending seminars, workshops, spending time reading and developing my psychic skills. I knew something had to change. I could not stay in my unfulfilling job anymore. I left. What an amazing feeling it is. I created space for my soul to dwell in, I have time to enjoy the morning beauty of every season, I see each day as a true blessing.

I enjoy walks with my dogs, and I am not rushing them or me anymore. Living in the moment is the most wonderful feeling on Earth, being able to stop and "smell the roses" - the fragrance is breathtaking. My passion and open heart brought also many wonderful people into my life. I treasure all my clients, and their pets I have been connecting with and all my wonderful friends who share the same interest, who are spiritual and passionate about animals as I am. Being in their presence is a true gift. But mostly I am grateful for my wonderful husband who is my biggest supporter and always encourages me, to be me and allows me to follow my own path.

Love you Volker! I am reminding myself that every experience, encounter and choice seeks to serve us, to teach us and help us grow and I am glad that I took the leap of faith last year. I look forward to new beginnings, new opportunities, new friendships and setting new goals for the year ahead, starting today! Happy summer to all of you and hope your reflection of past years is as wonderful as mine and if not, please sit in gratitude, forgive, let go, close the book and start a new chapter New Year.

Until we meet again. Last month I attended my Friend's funeral. We met way back, when we both fell in love with Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and we both have been enjoying the wonderful breed ever since. We always "talked dogs" or rather I should say PONs, because without being biased, it is a very special breed. We shared our love, passion but also concerns because of the health issues the breed is experiencing.

She was one of the many wonderful people who helped me get my certification by booking a reading with me. She was concerned about one of her dogs who is getting old and at this time was having some difficulties after they all moved to a new home. Her PON assured me that she is not going any way soon and is just getting use to her new surroundings, taking the time she needs and adjusting slowly, which she was teaching my Friend at this time as well. The reading ended but our conversation continued.

We spoke about aging dogs and how difficult it is for us human parting with them. They are such a big part of our life and they always leave us way too soon. She knew I understood because I lost three PONs in a very short time, which actually was the beginning of my Animal Communication journey.

We both needed the talk. Shortly after, my Friend informed me that in fact her dog is doing well and it seems everything was going back to normal, which made us both very happy. The reading took place only 4 months before my Friend unexpectedly passed. At the funeral I was sitting among her family members and friends, overwhelmed with sadness and awareness that we really "don't know what tomorrow brings".

The eulogy her sons and friends gave was full of love and laughter combined with tears. They reminded us of joyful moments they shared and how frugal life is. People came to pay respect and said final good bye but I was thinking that the most faithful friends of her, who loved her unconditionally, were not there. Her two beautiful dogs had to stay home. I know many people think that a funeral home might not be a place for animals, but why not?

She was everything for them? We humans have friends, work, duties, hobbies but our four legged companions have just us. We are everything for them. I know my Friend is watching over them and will be waiting for her PONs with open arms when theirs time comes to arrive. Much love to you, Anna. Makes ya wonder if she had this all planned out For the past few days, on a local FB page, I was following a story of a lost dog.

A family adopted a dog from a pound and while driving back home, they stayed overnight in one of the hotels in my town. Somehow the dog got loose and escaped. Of course the family didn't know the area, the dog was not used to her new people, new name and now is in completely unfamiliar surroundings. As you can imagine it is a worst case scenario. The search to find the dog was going on for almost a week and luckily she was seen in various places, but unfortunately no one was able to catch her.

The good news was, she was alive and well. People were setting traps with food and cameras, not to lose track of her. Finally with a lot effort and determination they were able to catch the dog. As soon she came home to the people who caught her she was strangely overly affectionate with them right away.

Of course the family who lost her was contacted and they were supposed to pick her up the next day but over night the rescuers and the dog fell in love. An amazing bond was created and no one wanted to say goodbye. They decided to talk to the adoptive family and they agreed that for the best of the dog she should stay where she is now, in her forever home.

It is a very heartwarming story with an ineradicable ending but what caught my attention the most was the last sentence that came from the person who daily reported the case on FB The dog orchestrated the whole ordeal.

Now she is where she belongs and there is a lesson for both families, no coincidence whatsoever.