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It is advised to use this calculator only if you can tolerate all kind of stuff. There are past life relation calculators that will help you know which relationship or soul is still attached to you. Benefits of knowing your Past Life The knowledge of your Past life can help you initiate your healing process at different levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Take a look at its benefits: Relief from current mental and emotional issues Knowing about your past will help you to dissolve your fears, stress, anxiety, and phobias. You will know the reason behind, and it will trouble you, in the same way, like before. Develop conscious control over body The knowledge of your past relaxes your inner self.

It helps you to control your breathing, muscle tension, respiratory issues, and blood pressure. It even prevents panic attacks. Clear thinking The removal of fears and stress diminish your worries and allows you to think clearly about your future expeditions.

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Do you believe in reincarnation? You will start forgiving others and yourself easily. If you combine your natural skills, you can be unstoppable. The highest-scoring person becomes the next link in the chain. This is just a predictor that takes your current birth details and finds out your previous birth acoording to astrological methods. Once a person is lucky enough to get to know about it and luckier enough to be able to get guidance through this Shastra, one can get guidance and remedies to make one's life and soul journey smoother and meaningful. India has always been called land of adhyatma or spirituality.

You plan your career with a clear head. You gain a deeper understanding of the challenges of your life The problems of your life and tensions are the root and cause of your daily stress and worries. When you know about your past, you gain self-observation and self-knowledge which leads you towards self-healing.

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Release limited thoughts and behavior Knowing about your past liberates you powerfully and expand your thought process. You start thinking positive and implement your positive feelings in your daily life. Alleviate deep-seated physical and emotional pain Removal of the roots that attach you with your past life uncovers the trauma. It helps you release your musculoskeletal pain that trouble you rapidly.

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Free yourself from the weight of past Clinging to your past does not solve any problem. Sticking to it troubles you, and you lose self0contentment.

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Love flows more freely When you gain back your certainty and contentment allow love to flow smoothly through your life. Eh ehm, this predictor is correct and fine.

But 1 thing - it also said where the person was born. It's GONE now!

Jayasree Saranathan: Knowing your previous birth – astrologically.

How i can overcome with past life issue. My past life? Add Your Comments. Read More. Rahu aspects Jupiter, so that means he might not been able to follow the path very well and rahu being in 7 th with moon suggests. He could have been anger prone and interested in opposite sex in past life as well. All the above interpretations are confirmed by nadi jyotish as well, so the chart is accurate. Rahul gandhi has mercury or budha the lord for he ninth bhava or house it is sitting on Venus and in the fifth bhava getting very good energy from the past life again as fifth bhava also connects to good punya of past life.

This makes him or rahul gandhi very blessed and yes he is born in an illustrious family we know the Gandhi family. Mercury the past life karma lord is strong on Venus as the dispositer giving him full opulence and a creative mind and relatively quick mind to think about matters. Budha or mercury means one may be born in tirtha sthala holy place or places like dwarka , rameshwaram, Mathura etc in the past life if born in India.

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Mercury is Also it could be maintaining discipline and time note he is Capricorn lagna. The ascendant for sri rahul gandhi ji is shravana. This division is ruled by yama the GOD of death. There could be moral duties and responsibilities that rahul gandhi ji has for the nation we all know. Shravana gives him the basic scholarly by nature that is a non materialistic type and would do religious work.

He also has a good character and be well known.

So what is Nadi astrology ?

Indian Nadi Astrology Past life calculator from is developed based on Indian Nadi Astrology and gives you an overview of your past birth and . Want to know about your past life then try this interesting past life reading calculator.

Rahul gandhi may live away from birth place he also would have a charitable and a kind nature. Now let us look at more specific characteristics of rahul gandhi ji with sub nakshatras or stars and connect this d60 or shastiamsa and yes shravana nakshatra for him.

Now let us check this with nakshatra and see the whole story. Jyeshtha nakshatra makes him Honored,intent on their dharma he or rahul gandhi would have good writing skill smooth and respected.

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Rahul gandhi may also have many friends and be well like. Rahul gandhi just like his great grandfather pundit jawahar lal Nehru may have love for children and be well liked. Now this division of the d60 is payodhi or ocean of milk , heads of institutions. This clearly suggests that he had opulence in his past life and was a leader of various institutions in his previous incarnation as well.

One carries the seed tendencies of past life to this life time for sure. Saturn or shani the lord of d60 with rahu, makes him hardworking and non conventional plus a person who would work for the society for sure. Also first house lord in the seventh bhava makes him a wanderer in the earlier part of this life.

One may refer brihat parashara hora shashtra for the effects. The moon or Chandra of narendra modi ji is also at degrees ins scorpio or vrishchika rashi. Moon is the lord of seventh house of relationships and is in the house of public image in the fourth bhava. It is at 0. This deals with traders, people who deal with sea products, trader of pearls and owner of gardens. Now this is the kind of action he would be doing along with what has been discussed above.

In his d60 chart or horoscope sun is weal in Libra but in Kendra and is blessed by strong and good past life karma energy of the ninth bhava or house for him. This gives him poise and wisdom in actions and though sun could put him in tight spots at times.

The lord of the d1 or lagna chart horoscope for salman khan is Aries ruled by mars. That gives him action and good muscled body. So it is in the 46th division of Aries or mesha rashi for salman khan. So the 46th division of Aries mesha rashi is KOMAL or delicate, yes he looks cool and sensitive despite his muscular body. It also represents top government officials and yes and senior officials or bureaucrats. His moon is in Aquarius sign which makes him picky as well about things and yes philosophical to an extent in life,.

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The moon longitude is 1 degree 32 minutes and 29 seconds. But we feel it should be around 1 degree to 1 degree 30 minutes as we discussed earlier his birth time needs a small rectification and verification. Now this is DEVA d60 or shashtiamsa division it says one who is giving in nature so is salman khan like that he gives a lot of charity.

This he carries from his past life karma and sanskars. We need to know that his respected mother is a Hindu and father a gentlemanly person.