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Krittika also takes many of its qualities from its planetary ruler Sun. The influence of the Sun on Krittika makes this nakshatra active and energetic, powerful and independent, Magnificent and Majestic like the Sun and at the same time the Sun imparts qualities like piercing intelligence and deep insight to this nakshatra. Natives under the strong influence of Krittika are very straight forward with their approach just like a sharp knife or the burning Sun and they do not like to beat about bush but rather say what they want to say in a straight forward way.

Natives under the strong influence of Krittika can be seen successful in professions like, critics, judges, lawyers and other such professions, all professions related to military and paramilitary forces, police forces, all professions which make use of sharp edged instruments like surgeons, tailors, barbers and other such professionals, all professions which make use of fire like fire fighters, all kinds of cooks and chefs, goldsmiths, jewelers and other such professions.

The natives under strong influence of Krittika strive for perfection according to Vedic Jyotish as they have most of the qualities to attain perfection and they do not usually settle for anything less than perfect. Such natives can be called perfectionists and they have a very sharp eye even for the smallest details of the matters. Krittika makes such natives disciplined and focused on their goals and they usually do not tolerate diversions or nonsense and they can use blunt manners and harsh language at times when their quality standards are not met.

For this reason, people around such natives are usually seen scared of them as Krittika natives are very quick to spot imperfections and most of the times they do not tolerate them which makes it difficult for many people around them who may not have such good qualities to do things in a perfect way as a Krittika native can do. But Krittika natives usually do not bother about what others feel or think when it comes to attaining perfection and they keep on driving the people around them to reach perfection. And finally considering some other facts about Krittika which are taken into account when making some specific calculations like gun Milan, Krittika is considered as an active nakshatra according to Vedic Jyotish which is evident from its symbols like knife and fire and its ruling deity and planetary rulers like Fire and the Sun.

Vedic Jyotish considers Krittika as a mixed natured nakshatra which can be explained on the basis of many of its dual qualities like the fire being used for both constructive as well as destructive purposes. Krittika is considered as a female nakshatra and the Varna of this nakshatra is taken as Brahmin. The Brahmin Varna or caste is considered to be the highest among all and thus this nakshatra ranks highest in case of Varna. Krittika is considered to be Rajasic in Gun which can be attributed to its planetary ruler Sun. Vedic Jyotish assigns the earth element to krittika and Rakshas is the Gan assigned to this nakshatra.

The Rakshas Gan assigned to this nakshatra can be attributed to the tendency of this nakshatra to indulge in wars and fights. Hence he has to observe maximum mental balance and keep away the out bursting temperament. Remarkable ability will be shown in arguments and counter arguments with reasoning. It is quite often seen that these types of persons will be bereft of truth and money, undertakes unnecessary travel. They are thankless and will utter cruel words. That means his livelihood will be in the foreign land.

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When I say foreign, it is not necessary that it should be a foreign country. Foreign land means a little away from the place where he is born. Partnership business is not suitable to him. He derives benefits from the government. Engineer, doctor specialised in venereal diseases, treasury department, draftsman. In case the native is interested in business he can derive maximum benefits from the yarn export, medicines and decorative industries. A large legacy at any part of his life is awaiting for him.

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Know about Krittika Nakshatra meaning, male and female characteristics of Krittika constellation. Read Krittika nakshatra astrology prediction , lord, symbol. Male Natives of Krittika Nakshatra: Physical features: Normally he is of middle stature. However, native with Saturn's aspect usually has a tall body. His nose is .

He is very slow in any work. Hence for success in life, he is advised to increase the speed while doing any work as otherwise he may be dragged behind others. Family life: He is generally lucky in his married life. His spouse will be expert in household administration, dedicated and devoted, faithful and virtuous. When I say separation, it may be due to work or due to ill health to either of the family members i.

Krittika Nakshatra born characteristics and features

While he has to confront with many obstacles in various walks of life, he will be contended and lucky in the family field, where he enjoys the utmost satisfaction and peace. He is more attached to mother.

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Among his co-borns, the native will enjoy more favor and love from the mother. While his father will be a pious man and well-known person, the native cannot enjoy comforts and benefits from father. His life up to 50 years of age will be full of trial and have to face frequent changes in surroundings.

However, period between 25 years and 35 years and 50 years and 56 years will be very good. Love marriage is indicated to the native. Sometimes, it has been found that Krittika born marries a girl known to his family.

Health: He has good appetite but he cannot has a systematic food habit. Diseases to which he is prone to are dental problem, weak eyesight, tuberculosis, wind and piles, brain fever, accident, wounds, malaria or cerebral meningitis. Whatever may be the condition of his health, whether good or bad, neither he is afraid of any disease nor he is ready to observe daily care of his health.

Physical Features: She will have a clean body, medium height and extremely beautiful up to her 27th years of age. Thereafter, due to sudden psychological or circumstantial changes, her beauty slowly starts fading. Character and general events: While she is not completely loveless, she will not subdue to the pressure of others. Therefore, mentally she has to suffer. She is fond of quarrels.

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She expresses arrogance not only in her appearance but also in the domestic environment. She earns by working in the paddy field, agriculture field, fisheries and other small-scale industries.

Krittika Nakshatra Personality Traits

Essentially caring and protective by nature, they exude a lot of warmth and vibrancy in their social interactions. He has a commanding appearance. He derives benefits from the government. So Jupiter here is not very comfortable. Health: Health will be severely afflicted either due to excess work or lack of mental peace. She is fond of quarrels. Among all, the third pada is the best for Rahu as it will give him the Aquarius navamsha.

When the birth is in the 1st degree of Krittika or 12 to She also earns as a musician or artist, tailor or from leather products. Family life: She cannot enjoy full comforts of her husband. In some cases childlessness or separation from husband is also indicated and in few cases no marriage takes place.

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