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Do an Aquarius and an Aquarius Make for a Good Couple: Dating Among the Wind Signs

Uranus controls radical or novel ideas. Always reaching out with their idealistic visions, the Aquarian intellect can be so extreme and eccentric that Aquarius is known as the Einstein of the Zodiac.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex, & Friendship

They can be too intense for the rest of the world, and they are often misinterpreted simply as brains. However, Saturn contains a great work ethic, tenacity and responsibility, and steers the Aquarian relationship to work hard through any problems that may arise. This ethic makes the couple very productive and well respected.

Aquarius is an Air Sign. Brainstorming and confronting issues with their superior intellectual abilities is second nature to them. The same rational drive that makes the Aquarian couple self-confident and self-assured can also be the source of any emotional or physical detachment that may arise between the two. They are a great team and share wonderful conversation, but the intimacy of the relationship may take a lot of hard work and effort.

Also, they can be cold toward those they find banal and mundane. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. This quality can make the couple highly productive as well as dreadfully stubborn. However, sometimes strong opinions will clash and lead to an all-out dispute. As visionaries and individuals, this duo takes a step for cultural reform and bright innovations.

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As long as both partners remember to keep up the romance and spice, this relationship is a great asset to the community as well as to the individuals involved. Looking for guidance? Live advisors can help. This is almost difficult for you not to trust each other. You both will find it very easy to trust whatever is done by your partner because you could do such thing. It is the case that the foundation of this relationship is based on freedom. Aquarius zodiac sign will always be too free to find a reason to lie.

You both will find it very hard to cope with each other, and none will be too possessive. This love compatibility will be a model for some other relationships. It is the case that relationship is the relationship between understanding and care. You two will have a good ability to think and reason well with each other. You two will also find it very easy to communicate and reach an agreement in your relationship through intellectualism and debate.

Apart from this, there will be a form of understanding that will change the relationship for better. The problem in this relationship is the fact that you two are egoistic. You are the set of people that will find it hard to cope with each other. Apart from this, you two will be strong and respectful. However, you will embrace individuality, and this will be to the detriment of each other.

There could be a conflict of personality as well as a need for strong boundaries. When a strong boundary is set in a marriage, it will be tough for you to cope with each other. You could have some unpleasant conflict with each other. For you to escape any form of conflict whatsoever, you need to slow down to breathe in. Is Aquarius sexually compatible with another Aquarius?

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility: Inventive and Unemotional In Bed

The combination of two Aquarius partners relate with each other in a love relationship; an interesting sexual relationship is always created. It is the case that you both will have a relationship that is filled with excitements, experimentation, and love. This relationship will be filled with fantasies and fulfillment of a good relationship.

Without any repression, you will find a language that you understand. It is also the case that you both will find it very easy to connect with each other sexually and with understanding.

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Moreover, this sun sign will have a stereotype view about sex. You two will also find it very difficult for you to understand each other. For you two to have a relationship that is filled with freedom. You two will find no obstacle in relating to each other. However, the only obstacle that will be in this relationship is as a result of emotional bonding.

You both will find it very difficult to have intimacy in this relationship.


They have a difficult time in expressing themselves to each other about everything in their world causing things between them to remain superficial and prevent things from getting too deep emotionally. From the perspective of the Aquarius man dating an Aquarius woman, the same kinds of pros and cons arise, but manifested in slightly different ways. What can be expected of Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility — can it succeed? Through both their connections to the air element and the planets Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius people are hardwired to some of the most intricate spiritual knowledge in the universe. For the easygoing and those not prepared to work hard and fight for love, this may not be the ideal choice for a mate.

It is the case that you will find it very easy to quench your desire to have a perfect relationship. More so, you both will always focus more on your true emotion before you take on to each other. This relationship will be a relationship of occasionally flings. Both of you will have a better understanding of yourselves, but the lack of intimacy will make your sexual life miserable. The planetary rulers in this relationship are the combination of Saturn and Uranus.

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It is, however, the case that you have a double portion of it. Saturn will be the symbol and planet for a determination as well as goal orientation. It will also serve as a symbol of focus and pro-activeness. Apart from this, this relationship will learn more about how to cope and relate to each other even in a tight situation.

This compatibility will be a relationship of responsibility and extremity. Uranus will be a symbol of radicalism and novel ideas. It will also be a symbol for your success in the field of creativity. Uranus will also serve as the symbol of your innovative ideas. You two will be highly intelligent and creative with your approach to life. It is the case that this relationship will have a double portion of this element. It is also the case that you two will find it very easy to confront each other and to brainstorm on a lot of things.

If you are not careful, you two will find it very easy to make it second nature to argue to learn. Rationally, you two will be driven to succeed. You will also find it very easy to relate to each other regarding intimacy. You two will make a wonderful team as well as share a lot of goodies in your conversation with each other. Emotionally, Aquarius and Aquarius in love will be a little bit detached as a result of your self-assurance and self-confidence. Learn how to be serious about life and good relationship with others, then you will be a very important and productive couple.

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Two Aquarius partners can have a very interesting sexual relationship, full of excitements and experimentation. They will fulfill each other's fantasies without any. Compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius zodiac sign guide for love match, sex, relationship and marriage life. Find out compatibility meter and other personality .

The ideal relationship is the relationship between a perfect and high compatibility score. It is the case that you both will find it very easy to venture into an excellent relationship with each other. You both will always cope with each other as a result of your relationship compatibility score.

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