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During the period, you need to handle the business carefully and pay attention to health, or it will affect your future a lot. While going out, pay close attention to safety to avoid any disasters of blood.

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This article introduces monthly fortune in for the Dragon, including wealth, career, love, and health. According to the luck prediction by month, people born in the Year of the Dragon are apt to have a plain luck this year. Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The first lunar month will bring a good fortune of career to.

In view of the declined luck for money, you'd better not make any major investment, or it will be too late to regret. In addition, take precautions against financial losses by fraud. Your love relationship will be quite fragile, so do not act on impulse. Your fortune will be on the up. Despite the obstacles at the beginning of the month, it will turn good from the middle of the month. The disputes at work do not completely subside and you might be up to your neck in it once no proper measure is taken. Try to improve the interpersonal relationship, take the initiative to communicate, and be more tolerant and considerate.

In view of the mixed luck for wealth, you'd netter not be greedy. Though in good health, you still need to stay away from alcohol and tobacco, especially drug. At the year end, you Dragon people will be quite blessed. Once you take the opportunity, you will gain a lot.

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The obstacles at work will disappear and the personnel disputes which have dogged you for a long time will quiet down. In the month, work together with your coworkers to accomplish something and create a brilliant future. Blessed in luck for wealth, you will make profitable investment in property or business. Do not eat and drink too much even to keep the good health. Besides, you will be busy in social intercourse and enjoy the colorful emotional life.

January January 25th — February 22nd, Though blessed by the lucky stars, you Dragons can be also affected by the inauspicious star ''Jie Sha'', for which you have to be careful and manage with assiduity to avoid any mistakes. With pretty good luck for wealth, you will get abundant income and may properly invest to earn profits but never be greedy. The luck in love can be good, and you need to seize the moment to start a relationship; for married Dragon people, you need to be aware of an illegal affair and always keep in mind that "faith" is a virtue and family is a haven.

This month's fortune can be general. Underneath the stable development will be the dangerous sign of crisis in career.

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Be compatible with others at work, or you might be set up by the bad guys. Despite the rise and fall in wealth horoscope, you can be lucky for windfall and may invest in ventures with spare money. As for love, last month's undesirable relationship may affect your work and mood. Due to the inauspicious star ''Jie Sha'', you should look out the injury and strictly follow traffic rules while driving for the purpose of health.

People born in the year of Dragon will have good luck this month. With others' help, you can flourish your career as long as you are diligent, down-to-earth and careful in running it. Make friendly contacts and more exchanges of experience, and work together to create brilliant achievements at work.

The financial situation will be particularly good and you will accumulate abundant money which can be used for appropriate investment. In terms of health, balance work and rest and engage in more physical activities to relax in the busy work. Because of the San He pattern formed by the earthly branches Si, You and Chou, this month can be the best for Dragon people throughout the year. You can expect a prosperous career but do not be conceited and self-satisfied as humility is the ace to victory.

Deal with interpersonal relationships properly in work and do not offend your colleagues and supervisors. As the wealth horoscope turns better, you will get more income and may invest in the short-term products in a proper manner, or you can become poor. In view of the common luck in love, you need to wait if you are single and care more about your lover if you are attached. With an indifferent overall horoscope, people of Dragon sign will be apt to disputes at work and need to avoid as far as possible. The wealth aspect can be also average and you may suffer financial losses despite of the satisfactory luck in salary income, so manage money matters properly.

With a good luck in windfall, you can invest in ventures. During this month, you will have the best luck in love.

Dragon (zodiac)

If you are single, just seize the opportunity to associate with the opposite sex and be careful in choosing a bosom friend; if you are married or romantically involved, guard against the "affair", and regard for yourself for the purpose of a decent marriage. Dragon's horoscope can be good this month.

Be down-to-earth, modest and prudent in career, be conservative and trim the sails in your work if you do not want to stagnate. In terms of wealth, you can take advantage of the good luck, invest appropriately to make a profit and stop at the right time. Due to the average luck in love and relationship, you singles will find it difficult to make progress; for married Dragons, you need to talk more with your partner.

In health, keep a reasonable diet and prevent gastrointestinal diseases. The horoscope for Dragon people will be fine this month. You can get help from others to be plain sailing and get what you want in career. At work, be decisive to prevent the opportunities from slipping from your grasp. The wealth aspect can be good and you can borrow or invest properly because the effect of the inauspicious star ''Xiao Hao'' can be negligible.

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Choose the financial products according to your ability to ensure the normal turnover of capital. As the love horoscope goes up, you'd better take the chance to stabilize your relationship. With a favorable horoscope, you are suggested to manage the career in a diligent and faithful manner for smooth development. At the same time, handle the interpersonal relationship properly and do not argue with others. The wealth horoscope can be balanced by the satisfactory income from work and poor luck in windfall.

Accordingly, you may spend a lot and should stay away from any loan, guarantee or venture investment. With bad luck in love and relationship, you will be prone to quarrels and should communicate more lest the misunderstandings deepen. In terms of health, just alternate work with rest in the busy life.

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In view of the mediocre horoscope for Dragon people, you'd better take a conservative approach in career and seek improvement in stability. The luck in wealth can be instable. Despite the good luck for wage earnings and handsome income from work, you need to be careful in managing money matters to avoid serious losses. With no luck for windfall, be prudent in choosing any investment.

Also, pay attention to emotional and physical problems this month. From the perspective of love, an affair may affect your family life. From the perspective of health, you may spend a lot on the illness of your family member. This will be another mediocre month for Dragon people. You will encounter many obstacles in career and need to run it in a cautious, conscientious and wholehearted way for certain progress. Due to the ''Yi Ma'' star, you will be apt to business trip, job-hopping or moving this month.

Because of the poor luck in wealth, you tend to suffer financial losses, so do not make venture investment but manage money matters in a planned way. The love aspect can be average, and you just need to maintain the status quo. The horoscope can be indifferent this month. Do according to your abilities in career and do not be greedy for honor. Be patient and steadfast to develop it smoothly.

The wealth horoscope will be fine: satisfactory luck for wage earnings and good luck in windfall. As a result, you can invest in ventures properly rather than greedily. The love horoscope can be good. Single Dragons can seize the opportunity to fall in love while the married should communicate more and spend more time with each other. The health horoscope can be bad and you need more rest and physical exercise.

You won't get every single thing you want, but you can negotiate to improve your love life and other types of relationships. For Dragon natives looking for love, seek new connections in places where people work and work out.

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Check out health spas, yoga centers, hiking clubs, and martial arts studios. In addition, you can find some interesting possibilities at business networking groups and in city centers. The December full moon shines a bright spotlight on your love life, highlighting your current partnership.

You may have a person in your life who has your best interests at heart even though he or she may not do things exactly the way you want or even close. This relationship will grow closer if you can compromise in some areas. If you're looking for love, the whole month of December is a marvelous period in which to meet new and interesting people. Consider going to parties and charity events. Attend social events at church or spiritual events in your community. Wear bright colors, especially royal blue, to be noticed and appreciated. Year of The energy around your well-being is focused on finding balance.

First, in a literal sense, this is about practicing balance. This could be done by skating, skateboarding, surfing, or skiing. You might get a balance board to try at home when the weather doesn't allow for your favorite outdoor activities. In mid-February, adjusting an exercise program or active hobby is beneficial and could lead to a new friendship. Joy from close friendships is better than the best healing balm.

Look into joining group workouts or classes. If you start a program and find yourself having trouble keeping up with the routine, restart it during the period of Mercury retrograde in March. Actions taken during Mercury retrograde are often repeated. There is a good deal of energy around cooking for you this year. A fire-breathing Dragon should know how to cook. Consider adding more veggies and fruits to your daily fare. Cool your fire by staying hydrated. Year of You show an increase in your finances this year - and an increase in spending, especially on loved ones and friends.

Your generous nature and love of parties is showing. And while this may be a worthy use of your money, you might want to funnel a little toward your savings account, too. The new moon in March begins four weeks of positive money energy for you, especially regarding income sources directly tied to your job or side business. This is less about winning money and more about landing the client or racking up the sales. At the April full moon, you begin a three-week financially beneficial period. You have opportunities to increase your income or reap a windfall. Investments can do well or you can find better places to put your money so it will work harder for you.

The risks you've taken over the last months are showing signs of success.